Models Needed

Do you ever have ideas about things when you are driving down the road?  Ideas about things you would like to try?  A few weeks ago I had this idea of a portrait that I wanted to try in the studio and so this past Sunday I just went out to the studio and did it of myself (the image below).  That was just one of my ideas floating around in my head recently.  Monday on my way back from Athens I passed a location at just the right time of day and wished I had someone to photograph at that moment in that place! This happens to me all of the time! So, I am asking for some help.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping me out with a few of these over the next few months hopefully we can make you famous!  If not you will get a free session out of it along with an 8×10.  For most of the images that I am wanting to do I have very specific needs, if you fit one or know someone who does please contact me or have them contact me.

Subjects that I am looking for right now:

Children in winter clothes, coat, scarves, hat and gloves.

Men with big beards.

Bikers, beards, tattoos, leather…

Girls, late teens or early 20’s with long hair with winter clothes

High school or college football player in full uniform.

Motorcycle, something unique and different.

I have a lot of others too that are floating around right now that we will post soon.

Bentley Photography, Georgia, photographer

Bentley Photography

Winder, GA