Photography Convention Season

January is a transition month for photographers and years ago photography associations finally got the clue that this was the best time for conventions.  It started with Senior Photographers International back in the 90’s and within a few years the big boys moved their conventions from the summer to the same time sometimes forcing the smaller conventions to change dates.  Now just about every association has them in the first three months of the year.  The first big one, and the one that I am attending this weekend, is one of the largest anywhere and this year it is in Nashville.  ImagingUSA is the convention for the Professional Photographers of America and each year it hosts one of the biggest conventions and trade shows that you will ever see.  It is a time to mix and mingle, take classes from the best in the industry and shop for all of the new gear and backgrounds.  The best part for me is always catching up with friends from all over the country that we only see once or twice a year.  I am so excited about this weekend and can’t wait to get back to start on some of our new projects for 2018.

This year I am also honored to have one of my images on display in the International Photographic Exhibition.

Bentley Photography